Pole joust is a very popular game in which players sit atop a pole and try to knock each other off and onto the inflatable surface below. Pole jousting is very similar to our gladiator joust game, but in gladiator joust players stand on top of podiums. Inflatable pole joust is arguably more of a challenge as players have to keep their balance on the pole joust hire whilst trying to shift their weight to knock down their opponent. Our pole joust for hire is extremely safe and offers a fun, competitive and combative game to your event. You can rent pole joust for almost any venue, both indoor and out, and the compact size of the pole joust games makes it a highly functional piece of kit.

Hire pole joust (or inflatable pillow wars) for your next event and provide countless hours of entertainment for your guests to enjoy. This one-on-one competition can be played anyway you like, either with the first person to knock down their opponent being the winner, or a first to 3 points scoring. Our team will be on hand to keep scores of the fun pole jousting game and we can even keep a leader board. You can stage competitions and tournaments to increase the competition of the pillow wars game or just allow guests to come and go as they please. The choice is yours when you hire pole jousting with us.

Our pole jousting for hire will keep guests amused for the duration of the event and you can hire inflatable pole joust for all types of events, including family fun days, corporate functions, office parties, company fun days, schools, universities, and many other events. When you hire pole joust game you are bringing something that can be enjoyed by guests of almost any age, and for those not competing the show that guests put on whilst sitting on the role is thoroughly entertaining and will provide many laughs. You can rent pole joust game for any event or function within the UK and our team will deliver and set up the equipment, as well as manning the pole joust for the duration of the event. This allows us to explain rules, keep scores, and counter any potential problems, ensuring that the entertainment runs as smoothly as possible. To find out how you can bring this fantastic entertainment to your event give our sales team a call.